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How Our Therapists Can Help with Stuttering Through Speech Therapy

If your child has an issue with stuttering, our speech therapy is the ideal solution. We offer a flexible service which means our professionals can provide support at your choice of location whether it be our friendly clinic or your child’s day-care centre, kindergarten or school. Our friendly and experienced therapists are qualified Speech Therapy Pathologists who can assist children with impaired speech such as lisps, stuttering and language delays.

Benefits of Speech Therapy for Stuttering

There are numerous benefits to seeking professional treatment for communication difficulties such as stuttering or lisps. These advantages include:

  • Improvement of speaking fluency: We have extensive experience helping children to improve and overcome their stutter. Our professionals do this through a personalised treatment plan, which can include exercises to make speaking easier and teaching children to take deep breaths before beginning to speak. We use research and evidence-based techniques and strategies to support children and teenagers seeking therapy for a stutter, lisp, or other language difficulties.

  • Increased confidence and reduced anxiety: People who struggle to speak well can suffer from anxiety or lack of confidence. Our speech pathologists can show your child how to pace their breathing, speak slowly, and use other techniques to improve their stutter or lisp, which can increase their self-esteem.

  • Better articulation: By learning to articulate words properly, your child can improve their communication skills and confidence. We use fun articulatory exercises, including games to practice correct enunciation of alphabet letter sounds.

What You Can Expect from The Soundmill Centre Regarding Speech Therapy for Lisps or Stuttering

Our highly experienced and trained speech therapists provide an excellent personalised service to meet your child’s specific requirements.

  • Initial consultation: Our friendly practitioners will ensure that you and your child feel at ease during every session. At your initial consultation, your child may play a few games and activities while we interact with them. This process, along with the information about your child’s speech, language and literacy development, can help us determine whether they need a full assessment.

  • Assessment sessions: A full assessment will aid our therapist in identifying your child’s speech, language, and literacy weaknesses and strengths. This evaluation will allow us to create a tailored treatment plan.

  • Therapy sessions: Our flexible service means you can select the location of your child’s therapy session. We understand that family life can be busy, which is why we make our therapy service accessible at our clinic, your child’s school, or online. Our professionals make therapy sessions fun and exciting by using your child’s interests, lively activities and premium materials to help them reach their specific goals.

Why Trust The Soundmill Centre Regarding Speech Therapy for Lisps and Stuttering

We have a team of professional language pathologists certified with Speech Pathology Australia. Our highly trained, experienced, and friendly staff focus on positive and sustainable outcomes. We provide a flexible service where your child can receive the help they need at a convenient location, such as their kindergarten or school. For help with lisps and stuttering, contact our friendly professionals.

Stuttering Speech Therapy

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