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  • speech pathology adelaide

Dr Karyn Carson (PhD, BSLT, CPSP)

Director and Head Speech Language Pathologist

Karyn is a certified practising speech-language pathologist with over 10-years experience working with toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children and young adults with speech, language and literacy difficulties across Australia and New Zealand.  Karyn gained her Bachelor (2006) and PhD qualifications (2012) at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, and currently provides leadership to our speech-language pathology team at The Soundmill Centre while also supporting teaching and research within one of South Australia's leading universities.

Karyn provides specialist knowledge in the areas of early speech and language development, emergent literacy development, school-aged language and literacy difficulties, and dyslexia.  To learn more about what Karyn brings to our Soundmill team please visit the adjacent social media links.

  • Little Lessons Australia
  • Little Lessons Australia

Leanne Kutschbach

Little Lessons Australia (Parent Seminars and Workshops)

Leanne is a parent, teacher and creator of Little Lessons Australia - a South Australian business offering seminars for educators, allied health professionals and parents.  Little Lessons Australia aims to bring specialists who are passionate and influential in their fields together with parents and educators to discuss key and challenging topics via seminars and workshops, without the hefty price tag.

Little Lessons Australia and The Soundmill Centre have worked together for over 2-years providing parent workshops focused on speech, language and literacy development, across South Australia.  These events can be located on the Little Lessons Australia website, alongside other interesting learning opportunities available for parents and educators.

Visit Little Lessons Australia: http://www.littlelessonsaustralia.com.au/


  • Speech Pathology Adelaide
  • Speech Pathology Adelaide

Julie Long (BTchLn/ECE)

Head Educational Consultant

Julie is a registered teacher with a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Early Childhood/Primary) and several years experience working in the early childhood sector with children from birth to eight years of age.  Julie has a passion for supporting young children to thrive in all domains of development including early communication, speech and language development, as well as emergent literacy acquisition.

With experience in the field of special and inclusive education and spoken and written language development, Julie is our Head Educational Consultant at The Soundmill Centre.  This includes providing a range of educational advice regarding our programs, professional learning, webinars and liaising with our speech language pathologists to ensure maximum outcomes are achieved for our clients and families.

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