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Speech Therapy for Autism at The Soundmill Centre

Speech therapy for autism can be extremely helpful for a range of problems that kids with this disorder can experience. Children with autism may have trouble with normal speech and language, or they may not feel the need to communicate at all. These kids commonly need help learning to pay attention to sounds, determine what they mean, and match them to thoughts or words. These are just a few of the things with which The Soundmill Centre can help your child.

Benefits of Autism Speech Therapy

Because every child with autism is different, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. That’s why services tailored to the individual child are so important. Here are a few of the specific benefits of speech pathology for autism.

  • The establishment of spontaneous and functional communication. The top priority with any child who has autism is to ensure that they can communicate their basic wants and needs without being prompted to do so.

  • Social instruction in various settings. After learning to communicate as needed, children with autism also need instruction to help them understand socially acceptable behaviour, which will help them in school and other social situations throughout their lives.

  • Help with peer interactions. Because kids with autism struggle so much with peer interactions, these concepts must be taught directly. Depending on the age and developmental level of the child, a speech therapist can target the specific skills needed.

  • Training and support for adults. Kids with autism can learn a lot from their speech therapists, but they need to be able to carry those skills over to other environments besides the therapist’s office. A speech therapist can work with the child’s parents and other adults to help them understand how to help the child get the most out of their therapy.

Prepare Your Child for Autism Speech Pathology

Visits to therapists (and doctors, dentists, and more) can be frightening and confusing for children with autism. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you help your child feel as prepared as possible. Here are a few tips. 

  • Find out what the visit will entail. When you make the appointment, ask what your child can expect at the visit. Review this information with your child, using pictures if possible. You might even want to “practice” the steps involved at home.

  • Arrive a little early. Be sure to allow plenty of time for traffic, parking, and any other potential delays. Building some extra time into your schedule can help you avoid the stress of running late, which your child will likely pick up on.

  • Bring a comfort object, if applicable. If your child has something that makes them feel more comfortable, such as a small blanket or stuffed animal, encourage them to bring it along. Other items that may be helpful, depending on your child’s needs, include fidget toys, chewable items, and books.

About The Soundmill Centre

The Soundmill Centre provides speech, language, and literacy help for children who need it. We see kids with autism, dyslexia, and a range of other learning and developmental issues, helping them learn the skills that they need to perform better in school and lead more fulfilling lives. If you live in Adelaide and are looking for a speech therapist for your child, contact us today.

Speech Therapy for Autism

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