Why a Dyslexia Assessment Can Benefit Your Child

A dyslexia assessment can be the first step to getting your child the support they require to meet their full literacy potential. At The Soundmill Centre, we provide comprehensive testing using a combination of activities, structured observation, parent report and more to identify key areas where your child could benefit from professional assistance. We will provide comprehensive support and a tailored treatment plan to assist your child in overcoming the struggles associated with their dyslexia. 

The Importance of a Dyslexia Test

The severity of dyslexia can vary between people, which is why comprehensive testing is important. The benefits of getting a professional test include:

  • A personalised treatment plan: After an initial assessment with our professionals, we create a tailored treatment plan for each individual to ensure that it meets their specific requirements. Our consultations, assessments, and therapy sessions stem from research and evidence-based techniques and strategies that can help to improve your child’s learning.

  • Accommodations at school: A dyslexia test can give teachers the assistance they need to make certain accommodations at school to benefit your child’s learning. These allowances may include more time to complete a test or eligibility for certain programmes.

  • Improve self-esteem: Helping your child with dyslexia to overcome learning difficulties can improve their self-esteem. Understanding how their brain functions when it comes to reading and writing can help to take the burden off your child if they have the mindset that something is wrong with them. A test can also highlight your child’s cognitive strengths, which can boost their self-esteem.

Why Trust The Soundmill Centre Regarding Dyslexia Testing?

We provide an excellent family-friendly service and focus on positive and sustainable outcomes that best suit your needs.

  • Highly experienced staff: Our staff are qualified and trained Speech Pathologists. We tailor our sessions to each individual and use the best research-based practices to support your child with speech, language, and literacy development.

  • Flexible service: We provide a flexible service, which means you can choose a location for therapy sessions that best suit your family. Our practitioner can visit your child at their day-care centre, kindergarten or school or you can opt to visit our warm and friendly clinic. We also offer web-based sessions to accommodate families nationwide.

  • Community focus: Our treatment plans include the learner’s community such as family, teachers and other professionals to help your child reach their potential in literacy and language development.

About The Soundmill Centre

We provide professional speech and language pathology and literacy services to support your child in reaching their potential. Our experienced, skilled, and friendly team offers consultations, assessments and treatment plans for learners who have dyslexia and other learning disorders. We can also provide a comprehensive test to determine if your child has dyslexia. Our practitioners are qualified speech-language pathologists and we can guarantee that your child or teenager receives top-quality care. Contact us today to discuss dyslexia testing and how it can help improve your child’s learning.

Dyslexia Assessment