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Speech Pathology Reading Specialists Adelaide

Clinic, Mobile & Online Sessions

We offer a range of session types to support our busy families who live locally, rurally or interstate. Our friendly Adelaide-based clinic is located in the leafy green suburb of Trott Park (10-minutes south of Marion, Brighton and Glenelg).  With welcoming clinic rooms, colourful toys and activities, ample parking spaces, eateries, and a cafe next door, you'll find yourself relaxed and your child at-ease as we work with you on their goals.  

Our mobile services enable you to choose whether you would like us to come to your child's childcare, kindergarten or school setting.  We work with you and your child's teachers to arrange suitable therapy days and times to get your child off to a great start on their communication journey within the comfort of their own educational environment.

Convenient, friendly, and at the click of a button, we also have your family covered with our online service model.  We use a range of platforms and digital resources to bring your child's speech, language and literacy learning to life.  We are equipped to complete assessments, therapy sessions and online parent coaching using our online service model. 


Assessment Sessions

We offer a range of comprehensive assessment options to help you understand your child's speech, language or literacy development and their potential needs. From understanding what sounds your child should be able to make at certain ages, to what types of books are most ideal to help accelerate their learning, to developing social skills in the school yard and wider community, we have the ideal assessment option for your child.

Before your child's assessment session, you will be asked a series of questions about your child's speech, language and literacy development.  During the assessment session, your child will be invited to engage in activities that will allow your speech pathologist to identify areas of strength and areas for growth.  We use a number of assessment methodologies including standardised assessments, structured observations, checklists, parent report, and doctor/educator reports to compile the most accurate profile of your child's speech, language and literacy learning.  Following an assessment session, you will be provided with a written summary of outcomes and proposed recommendations to support your child and family needs moving forward.  This may include a recommendation for therapy sessions, home program or monitoring.


Therapy Sessions

Our therapy sessions are designed around your child's assessment data and integrate a range of evidenced-based approaches and monitoring methods to ensure the best outcomes for your child.  Our therapy sessions are generally 60-minutes or 45-minutes in duration and can take place at our clinic, your child's preschool or school or online.

We use your child's interests, lively activities, fun resources, and top-quality materials to ensure your child's sessions act as a stepping stone towards their specific goals.  Our clinic space allows for indoor and outdoor therapy activities.  After each session, we encourage families to practice therapy goals at home so that skills generalise to your child's everyday environments.

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