What to Expect

Speech Language Therapy Soundmill Centre

Initial Consultations & Assessment Sessions

At your initial consultation, you will be asked a series of questions about your child's speech, language and literacy development.  Your child may be asked to play a few games and activities with your practitioner.  Interaction with your child and the information you provide will help us to determine if your child requires a full diagnostic assessment of their speech, language and literacy skills.

At a full assessment session, your child will be asked to engage in activities that will allow your practitioner to formally identify areas of speech, language and literacy weakness and/or strength.  We use a number of assessment methodologies including standardised assessments, structured observations, checklists, parent report, and doctor/educator reports were appropriate.  A full assessment session will either be 1.5 hours or 2 to 2.5 hours as determined by the initial consultation session, and reflects the complexity of the diagnostic assessments required.  Following a full assessment, a treatment plan will be developed with you and your child that best meets your family needs, this may include therapy sessions, a home program or monitoring.

Speech Language Therapy Soundmill Centre

Therapy Sessions

You get to choose the session length (45 or 60-minutes, or by negotiation) and location (clinic, preschool, school, online) of each therapy session.  Our aim is to ensure therapy is accessible to our busy families.


Your child's therapy sessions will be designed to meet the specific goals agreed to in your child's treatment plan.  Therapy goals link your child's assessment results, to evidence-based treatment methods, to family and educational needs - this is to ensure the best outcomes for your child.

We use your child's interests, lively activities, fun resources, and top-quality materials to ensure each of your child's sessions act as a stepping stone towards your goals for your child.  Our clinic space allows for indoor and outdoor therapy activities.  After each session, we encourage families to practice therapy goals at home so that skills generalise to your child's everyday environments.

Speech Language Therapy Soundmill Centre

Service Framework

Consent and Privacy:  Prior to engaging in services from The Soundmill Centre you will be asked to complete a consent form in regards to assessment and/or therapy.  You will also be given a copy of our privacy policy. 

Cancellation Policy:  If the unexpected happens we ask our families to try to give us at least 24-hours notice of a cancellation.  This means that another child waiting can have the opportunity to be seen by one of our practitioners.  If you think your child may be unwell, please try to contact us the day before their session.

Payment for Services:  We currently use an invoicing system for payments and prefer electronic transfers.  In the next few months we will be accepting eftpos on-the-spot payments for clinic-based services.  We encourage invoices to be paid within seven days.

Compliance:  All our practitioners are qualified speech language pathologists with certified practising status with Speech Pathology Australia (SPA).  All of our practitioners also have up-to-date criminal history checks as well as current mandated notification qualifications.