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What You Should Know About Dyslexia When Seeking Kids’ Speech Therapy

Many people are familiar with the concept of dyslexia but believe that it mostly involves reversing letters when reading or reading words backwards. Reading is one of the issues with which people with dyslexia struggle, but it’s not the only symptom. Here are some common signs of dyslexia for people of different ages.

  • Ages three and four: Pre-schoolers a-risk for dyslexia may begin talking later than their peers. They may have trouble learning left and right; they may also exhibit difficulty learning to tie their shoes. Rhyming may present a challenge.

  • Ages five and six: Around this age, dyslexia symptoms may become more obvious. Children may begin to complain about how hard reading is or say that they don’t want to go to school. They may have trouble sounding out simple words such as “map” or “cat.”

  • Ages seven to 12: Unfortunately, many teachers are not trained to recognise the signs of dyslexia. During these years, students may still be slow in learning to read, and they may read slowly or awkwardly. They may have trouble with new words and avoid reading aloud whenever possible. They may also exhibit messy handwriting or have trouble remembering details such as dates and names.

  • The teen years and beyond: During these years, people with dyslexia may have to exert great mental effort when reading, and they are unlikely to read for pleasure. When speaking, they may use vague or imprecise language or a lot of “umms,” or they may have a limited spoken vocabulary. Sadly, these individuals may feel “stupid” despite earning good marks in other areas.

Benefits of Speech Therapy in Adelaide for Kids with Dyslexia

Although dyslexia is often thought of as a condition that primarily affects reading, it also has a major relationship with speech. People with dyslexia can have trouble identifying speech sounds and may fall behind on reading comprehension as a result. A speech therapist can help build literacy in several ways, including treatment and support for:

  • Phonemic awareness skills

  • Oral language comprehension

  • Auditory processing skills

  • Word-retrieval skills

  • Fundamental letter-sound knowledge

  • Short-term memory

  • Phonics

The truth is that most kids with dyslexia can excel in the classroom, but they need assistance to do so. If you are concerned about your child, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Soundmill Centre.

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