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This bundle focuses on how to support phonological awareness, phonics and vocabulary development through shared book reading with young children. This Ultimate Bundle is suitable for early year educators and primary-school educators as well parents.


In this bundle users will receive handouts and video links to begin understanding how to check where children are up to with underlying skills that support early reading success (i.e., FREE Reading With Your Child Checklist) and how to support phonological awareness, phonics and vocabulary development through shared booked reading.


The lessons in the Ultimate Bundle include:

Lesson 1: Overview and Reading With Your Child Checklist: Our focus in this first lesson is to provide an overview of what is covered in our Little Lessons Series about ‘Reading with your child’ and to provide an opportunity to begin filling in the ‘Reading with your child checklist’. This is so that users can begin to profile what strategies they currently use and what new strategies they can begin to try with young children.


Lesson 2: Phonological Awareness & Phonics: Our second lesson has a focus on phonics and phonological awareness. Users will be provided with an outline of three levels of phonological awareness development. We discuss syllable, rhyme and phoneme/sound awareness and provide users with strategies to try when reading with young children.


Lesson 3: Vocabulary Development: Vocabulary knowledge is an important skill for children’s oral and written language development. Did you know, children with rich vocabularies have an educational advantage? In this lesson, we discuss strategies that users can engage to support the development of young children's vocabulary.


If you enjoy this Ultimate Bundle, be sure to look out for other programs in our TPT Store. Happy reading :)


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Reading With Your Child - Ultimate Bundle-Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Vocab

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